As a wedges designer to the Hollywood stars, Salvatore decided to do something different. Incorporating both design and anatomy he created the wedge shoe. Not only did he create a completely new apoplexy of the shoe. But he developed a completely new heel type the plug heel. One of the reasons he chose cork was because of the avoidance and rationing of consequence. And materials (leather and cotton) because of the wrestle in Europe. It’s this unique and beautiful approach to creating footwear that design not only Salvatore apart. But his creation; the peg shoe. This is why I said the wedge shoe is the hordes comfortable because it was made to be exactly that. But talent isn’t all the peg has to offer.

Contrary to some safekeeping that the wedge shoe is made for casual wear, Ferragamo, as an inventor to the stars. Made a red carpet makes of wedges. His designs were specially made for days for a girlfriend like Eva Peron and Marilyn Monroe. What Salvatore started, other designers improved upon.

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