When the summer sun is directly overhead. One of the best procedures to beat the heat is to wear the classic summer shoe: the sandal. Sandals are open feet that afford the dogs some breathing room. And normally consists of a sole held to the bottoms by a band that passes over the instep and around the ankle. Sandals within themselves are historic because they are the oldest known forms of footwear. And tins are traced back to the times of the ancient Greeks and the ancient Egyptians. In fact, the oldest known dogs that have been found to date are a couple of 10,000-year-old sandals. That was found in Fort Rock Cave in Oregon. With the disagreement of entity the crier to all of today’s modern shoes. So It’s understandable how the sandal has diversified to encompass numerous new footwear trends, including flat sandal’s, platform sandal’s, and heeled sandals!