Taupe Dresses

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Professional men and women in high-powered careers often struggle during the summer months. On how to look polished and authoritative, yet remain cool and crisp when the temperatures climb over 80 degrees. I can tell you that professionals dress quite differently based on where in the United States they reside. In the northeast and Midwest, there is a greater trend to dress more traditionally in professional surroundings. Regardless of the heat.
If you live in the western or southern states. You already know that we tend to dress more on the business casual side of the spectrum due to the climate challenges. Wherever you live, it’s important to know a few things about dressing to look crisp and polished, no matter how high the mercury rises. In corporate America today we are blessed with air-conditioned offices, so it is often when we are out in the heat calling on a client, attending a function, or leaving work that the heat dilemma presents itself.

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