Seeking out a good couple of Shorts tins feels like a particularly daunting task. If they don’t fascination properly, you tins last up with a cameltoe or, even worse, wedgies. On the flip side, well-fitted pants can be exceptionally versatile. A beat-up duo of Levi’s cutoffs always manages to seem cool, while an illusion. High-waisted type can look as polished as an A-line or pencil skirt — with less thigh chafing. To discover the best options out there, we consulted a panel of stylish girlfriend roughly their favorites. Including a striped couple with an elastic belt and a long-line option with “really, really, really big pockets.”
A summertime staple for Elana Fishman, portion editor at “Page Six,” is this Madewell style. “My corpse physically rejects any clothing that isn’t high-waisted, so these navel-grazing denim boys shorts are my summertime staple.” With their nearly 11-inch rise, they almost crate my belly button — I have a freakishly long corpus. And they’ve got just an effect of stretch, which stipulation you can sit in them without suffocating.” She has them in black, which is currently only available in very limited sizing, but we also dig this white pair.
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