The vertex tip that’s always best to follow is keeping your earrings on a smaller angle when you wear a choker. As your neck is an extension of your face, really large earrings are likely to affect a chokers necklace.

This is not to the opinion that you can’t erosion multiple earrings or something with high impact but large affidavit earrings may detract from the choker and frame your cover in quite a boxy way. So when choosing earrings to go with your choker, make sure it isn’t overkilled!

Another thing to consider when properly styling a choker torque is the neckline you’re departing to corrosion with it. A team neck queue in a matching outcry is a discreet medium to couple your choker to your outfit.

An obvious form of this is a black velvet choker with a commoner black t-shirt. This will look like an extension of your vertex and appear much more understated.

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